Get the hourly weather in under 10kb

Julian Norton
  • Julian Norton
    Julian NortonHead of User Experience @Agolo

    there's no javascript


    no radar

    dude it just gives you the weather what more do you want

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@hvllows @timotheegoguely Yep! That's exactly why the project was first started.
@juliannorton @timotheegoguely Haha I actually think I saw this on reddit when the JS10k event was starting. Did you submit it over there or am I thinking of a different project?
@hvllows @timotheegoguely There were several other weather 10kb submissions too. Most likely me!
Google Home has become my weather fortune teller.
This service is wonderful! Small annoyance: I wish the "updated:{time}" text at the top of the page corresponded with my local timezone. It appears to be permanently pegged to Eastern Time at the moment.
@magnuson Thanks for reporting it here: Should be resolved now.
I absolutely love this. I've been using it frequent these past few weeks. I'd love to be able to see future day forecasts. Props to this team for building something elegant and balanced.