Wirelessly sync multiple headphones and listen together.

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Love the idea of syncing multiple headphones and listening together. Pretty useful when hanging out with friends in the gym or a cafe but not sure if people would connect & share with strangers.
@kwdinc with a strict reading of copyright laws I'd assume it's *illegal* in the US to connect and share with strangers. (I'm not a lawyer, I just play one on the internet). Though I'd bet they pitch it as a way to listen with friends, not a way to broadcast to strangers. I'm sure they can figure it out. The headphones looked kind of cool, but the video didn't instill a ton of confidence in me. I don't have specific criticisms, maybe headphones/speakers are just the last tech product that I need to actually touch/use in a store before I'm willing to purchase.
CTO Nelson is in my Thiel Fellowship class, I'm very excited about their execution on this problem and for these to ship. I do agree that they should really focus on friends vs people around you.
@brackin I'm not 100% that they should focus on friends, I'm just betting that it lowers the legal restrictions. I have been to several 'headphone concerts' with strangers and had a good time. In some ways it can capture the spirit of the temporal nature of radio.