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Greetings Product Hunt! Living in London, where the weather changes so quickly and unpredictably, choosing suitable and comfortable clothes in accordance with the weather forecast becomes a serious challenge. In all honesty, a bunch of numbers and charts in existing weather applications, don’t help to answer this question in the best way. Neither fashion applications do.. We’ve decided to connect weather and fashion! Working with the best designers around the world, we collect brilliant outfits from them and show what the weather looks like today, in pictures and examples, giving you inspiration and ideas on what to wear. Try it out and share your thoughts with us. We can’t wait to hear from you! Olga, co-founder of Wearever.
I'd love something like this for men. Any plans adding that in the future?
@justin_adler1 Yes, we are getting more and more men designers working with us. So men collections will appear in Wearever soon.