The 1st Podcast Focused on LA Startups

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Marc Köhlbrugge
Marc KöhlbruggeHunter@marckohlbrugge · Founder of BetaList
I've been lucky enough to follow @EspreeDevora's journey on creating this podcast from the start, and it's been really cool to see how fast she's been getting traction. Smart idea, great timing with LA startup scene blowing up and very well executed.
✎ Espree Devora
✎ Espree DevoraMaker@espreedevora · "Girl who Gets it Done" WeAreLATech.com
@marckohlbrugge Thanks so much! Your support has been incredible. Really appreciate it :)
Justin Jackson
Justin Jackson@mijustin · ⚡️ transistor.fm
I'm also a big fan of @espreedevora. Love that she's using independent products like @simplecast to produce her show.
✎ Espree Devora
✎ Espree DevoraMaker@espreedevora · "Girl who Gets it Done" WeAreLATech.com
@mijustin Yes @simplecast has been GREAT and it's so interesting to me that people in old school podcasting won't take the leap to try something new. I think it's important to support startups and SimpleCast has proven to be an awesome podcast hosting startup so far. Thanks for the support Justin! I wouldn't know what a podcast was if it wasn't for Product People!!!
✎ Espree Devora
✎ Espree DevoraMaker@espreedevora · "Girl who Gets it Done" WeAreLATech.com
Hey everyone. Just woke up, had the podcast launch party last night. It was to celebrate hitting #2 across all of iTunes New & Noteworthy. Few hundred people showed up! Was pretty crazy. This was it, http://wearelatech.com/launchparty So I'll write again when I'm fully awake. :) To answer some of your questions. What inspired me to have a podcast was a combination of things. First I saw how valuable a podcast can be when I found a podcast called Product People (http://productpeople.tv). I learned so much and would get so excited about each episode. I even bought their sponsor shout outs because I loved their content so much and I had never purchased ads anywhere on anything before that. Then it was my passion for moderating startup panels. I wanted to do it at scale. And my love for moderating panels comes from being an entreprenuer since I was a teenage and needing 'experts' to genuinely give me their all and share their valuable insights because I was risking it all to grow my startup (an action sports company at the time). Anyway I moderate to make sure no panelist on my panel is ever BS and they all commit to giving all they can to the audience. Hence I want the same in the podcast. Podcast interviews focus on both seasoned people (the last guest just had his company acquired by Body Glove) and the third guest just started her startup, a fashion mobile app. I want to cover all the aspects I would have wanted to hear about when I first founded a tech/digital company. So for example episode 2 focused on 'How to Hire Developer when you're Non Technical'. I'd hope that episode saves listeners at least $10,000. Money I spent in the past because I didn't have the right information when I first started. As I mentioned ^^ I'm still in bed :) typing away on my iPhone. But feel free to ask me anything you wanna know about podcasting, LA startup life or how to have a podcast for your startup. I'm happy to help <3 Thanks @mijustin , @marckohlbrugge, @eriktorenberg, @narekk for your comments! P.S. the Product Hunt podcast is one of my top 5 favorite podcasts. Even talked about Product Hunt in episode 1 of the WeAreLATech podcast. :)
Lance Mayfield
Lance Mayfield@lancemayfield · founder
If your not engaged with Espree's podcast you should be. Great insight, excellent content and always will make you smile with her energizer upbeat attitude. Loving this podcast!
✎ Espree Devora
✎ Espree DevoraMaker@espreedevora · "Girl who Gets it Done" WeAreLATech.com
@lancemayfield Thanks Lance, you know how much that means to me!! <3
Erik Torenberg
Erik Torenberg@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
+1 @narekk Out of all the meetups i've been to, LA's product demos blew me away the most. And @espreedevora rocks. @espreedevora how are you planning to structure the podcast? which ones are you modeling yours after? who are your podcast heroes? what are the goals of the podcast? i'm fascinated because i'm asking myself the same question for the product hunt podcast :)
Andy Keil
Andy Keil@alwaysunday · Product at Rodio
@eriktorenberg +1 for @espreedevora. Sad to miss last night's shindig.
✎ Espree Devora
✎ Espree DevoraMaker@espreedevora · "Girl who Gets it Done" WeAreLATech.com
@eriktorenberg Thanks for the positivity! structure for the podcast... still learning each day. editing takes the most time. last one tool 40 hours to edit! I want the podcast episodes to be fast paced, informative and engaging. As you saw I just met with Alex Blumberg (EPIC) and learned a lot about story telling so I think moving forward I want to apply what he taught me and see where it goes. which ones do I model mine after.... none, I want to make sure I stay true to my own voice. Remind myself to not mimic others, but to find what's right for me. That being said coming from a history in the action sports industry I do think about skateboarding video pacing when editing. who are your podcast heroes... Alex Blumberg with the podcast 'Startup' http://hearstartup.com He is AMAZING. He's a kind person, an incredible story teller and has an awesome podcast. I love how he occupies my brain space, I am eager to hear each new episode. Shows just how important it is to have an amazing product because when you do people don't need tweets and emails to remember who you are. I hope to make my podcast as memorable as his. top 5 podcasts I eagerly want to consume every week: of course product hunt (truly, I love PH podcast) + product people startup serial snap judgement influencer economy what are the goals of the podcast... honestly my goal is to work on something that feels right, and podcasting feels right. I am thinking about creating a network of podcasts across all cities globally focused on startups in each city, but that's later on and only if it feels right :) Happy to answer any other questions you have as well as anyone else's. Podcasting is great and you don't have to spend more than 25-50 bucks which includes equipment purchases to have a great podcast.
✎ Espree Devora
✎ Espree DevoraMaker@espreedevora · "Girl who Gets it Done" WeAreLATech.com
@alwaysunday Thanks for you great contributions to content ideas for WeAreLATech Andy! Missed having you there too. Maybe there will be another event in the future.
Narek Khachatryan
Narek Khachatryan@narekk · Product Designer
This is great. Los Angeles is a wonderful hotbed (literally HOT) for tech startups and it's fast-growing. Curious to see who she plans to bring on her podcast.
✎ Espree Devora
✎ Espree DevoraMaker@espreedevora · "Girl who Gets it Done" WeAreLATech.com
@narekk Is there anyone specific you would love to be on the podcast? I'll see if I can make that happen :)