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You just had to one-up this morning's Wearable collection with this thorough, data-driven resource of all things wearable. :)
Creators of The Wearables Database here. Awesome to be featured! We built the database as part of our research to find workplace applications for wearable devices. We wanted to know what every device could and couldn't do, and if there was a workplace application for them. We've been in this space for over a year and while media is busy debating whether or not consumers will fall in love with wearables, we've become certain that enterprise is where some of these devices will find serious traction. Right now we're excited about our latest product Canary. It allows IT and monitoring solutions providers to easily send critical alerts to a variety of wearable devices. We're hoping to make it easy to connect existing enterprise software with wearables. http://www.vandrico.com/canary if you want to take a peek. 
@gonzalotudela Your collection is very comprehensive. I loved you you categorized them
I was actually searching for a specific kind of wearable today for a friend. Didn't find what was required, but found this :D
not sure how useful this is for most people - but great for me. simple visual breakdown of the market.