Wearable Planter

Transport a miniature garden by bike or necklace

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"Colleen Jordan’s Easter egg-hued vases are the perfect springtime accessory. Built in miniature, her creations are sized to carry small succulents or pocket-sized flower arrangements on one’s neckline, lapel, finger, or bicycle handle. The Atlanta-based designer and artist recently made Wearable Planter her full time gig, and each piece is influenced by the many places she has lived—including Sweden, Hawaii, and South Carolina. Jordan explains that through her business she strives to “create things to make life more pleasant.” Each planter is 3D printed out of nylon and dyed individually. The planters are also sealed with acrylic varnish to keep out rain and maintain their bright color. Most of the vessels are designed with a flat bottom so they can also decorate your table or desk while not being worn. Jordan’s tiny planters can be purchased via her Etsy, and other crafts and miscellanea can be viewed on the Wearable Planter Instagram." - Kate Sierzputowski (@KateSierz)
@KateSierz @nikkielizdemere This is the perfect size and business model for 3D printable designs, awesome work! I wonder if they have any inventory at all or if they order these on-demand from Shapeways. They could be incredibly capital efficient if this was all done just-in-time.