Wear Your Label

Clothing that creates conversations about mental health

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Ria Blagburn
Team Integrator, Vanti
Really great concept - this duo design items of clothing with slogans aimed at reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues. The founders themselves have lived with mental illness so it comes from a very authentic place. I really like the ethos of the company as a whole - they give 10% of profits to charity and hire models who have a personal connection to the cause (and they don't do airbrushing)!
Kiki Schirr / 史秀玉
Founder, WeKiki Video Chat Platform
@riaface wow, those are all really great things! I'm totally impressed.
Violeta Nedkova
Creative Rebel Coach
@riaface Thumbs up for authenticity. I'm really glad people are doing something about reducing the stigma, but what I *really* want is for people to introduce the appropriate classes in schools...