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Kate Wauck
Kate WauckMaker@wauckward
Hi all - we're kicking off 2016 with the launch of our new service, the Wealthfront Portfolio Review. It's free for anyone to link their brokerage account [eg. an existing Schwab or Fidelity investment account] and receive a personalized and comprehensive analysis of their investment portfolio. We even go one step further to help you automatically fix the problems within your account(s) and transfer you into a better investing situation. We'll do this in a way that minimizes any taxes you might owe from moving over your investments. Check it out - we hope you like it!
Seth McGuinness
Seth McGuinness@smcguinness · Founder - Giving Great
@wauckward It'd be nice if it started out by saying "Tax-Advantaged accounts aren't supported at this time", rather than me going through the whole process to be told that.
Vince Maniago
Vince ManiagoHiring@uvince · Personal Capital
@smcguinness Our investment checkup @personalcapital supports tax-advantaged accounts, and it's also free: https://www.personalcapital.com/...
Avery Haskell
Avery Haskell@averyhaskell · Stanford Computer Science
@wauckward Is there any reason you don't connect with Robinhood?
Avery Haskell
Avery Haskell@averyhaskell · Stanford Computer Science
@averyhaskell most millenials use robinhood and you'll probably want to cater to millenials
Thomas Høgenhaven
Thomas Høgenhaven@thogenhaven
Very neat! Does Wealthfront have the right to sell the data transferred from brokerage accounts to third parties?
Kate Wauck
Kate WauckMaker@wauckward
@thogenhaven we will never sell your data to third parties. It's only used to develop a personalized Wealthfront analysis. We've added a section to our FAQ page specifically for the new service, should you have additional questions. https://pages.wealthfront.com/faq/
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Makerpad.co
Emmanuel Aremu
Emmanuel Aremu@earemu · Growth Lead
Launching in Europe, specifically in the UK?
Kate Wauck
Kate WauckMaker@wauckward
@earemu no imminent plans to :(
Davis Janowski
Davis Janowski@ddjanowski · Director of Content Management at FeeX
Good to see my alma mater joining @FeeX on the fee-fighting-frontlines Kate @Wauckward