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Wealthbox is a robust but intuitive CRM for financial advisors (~280,000 in the US) to manage not only their book of business but deal w. modern day communication across email, phone and social. The product is one of many incubated at @starburstlabs here in NYC, all focused on the financial technology and SMB space. BTW, fun fact about the founder of Wealthbox, @johnrourke: alongside @alexmturnbull (now @groovehq) and @hpoydar (now @statushero), John helped build one of my favorite social CRM products we used actively during our first company called Bantam Live in 2009. It was way ahead its time w. social feeds and a much cleaner view of tasks than any other CRM in the market - ideal for sales.
@daveambrose Hey Dave, Looong time no see or chat. You were one of our favorite customers back in the Bantam Live CRM days. I really appreciate your nice words about Wealthbox CRM for financial advisors. One note: We should add @DanFerranti to the cofounder lists of both Bantam Live and, now, Wealthbox CRM under our new company called @StarburstLabs. We're building a suite of standalone yet complementary apps that connect investors with financial professionals. ...Thanks again for the mention/listing.
@johnrourke I was a HUGE fan of bantam live back in the day
@ericfriedman Hey Eric, I remember meeting you at the foursquare offices about 5 years ago, as email exchanges attest. Thanks for commenting and good to see you remain a fan and booster of NYC startups. ....cc: @daveambrose
I had the opportunity to meet with @johnrourke and his CTO @danferranti when they were getting ready to launch. Very impressed with the technology stack, product approach, and laser targeting to the financial advisor market. The majority of the CRM apps for advisors are bloated with a ton of features that require full time staff to keep the data relevant. Wealthbox nails the right set of features with a pleasing UX that can overcome the #1 obstacle in CRM: usage adoption.
@jamie_mci Hey Jamie, what a nice comment. Thanks for that. CRM systems are pretty hard to build, particularly if you want to make them simple. We're trying and we have lots more to do. Really appreciate the words about @Wealthbox ...Stay tuned for more.
@johnrourke: What makes Wealthbox different for financial advisors specifically than any other off-the-shelf CRM tool?
@daniellangnet Hey Daniel, it comes down to a tailored UX for financial advisors. Features specific to financial advisors, elegant design, fewer clicks to perform tasks, solid engineering/modern technologies (that Jamie aludes to above) ...it can make for a compelling product in this space. Also, integrations with complementary apps are important and we'll be adding many more in 2016 with the release of "Wealthbox 2.0" and our open API.