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Added this to my collection "The Startup Job Hunt": http://www.producthunt.com/@v4vi...
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@v4violetta Great collection, Violeta!
As an alternative, we recently launched https://tarta.ai, AI that helps people find remote jobs. Tarta monitors jobs and match you with the best ones. Also Tarta schedules an interview with recruiters and sometimes even helps to pass an interview. Take a look and let me know what you think.
@cenk Yep, I gotta say I prefer @levelsio's product. More options.
@v4violetta @cenk My only concern is that one is a little more skewed toward development jobs. Finding remote work when you are more of a marketing/sales/business person is super hard. WeWorkRemotely has distinct sections that speak to those, whereas RemoteOK doesn't really prioritize anything outside development, or at least, I can't easily find those vacancies. That said, @levelsio has never failed to impress me with the creations he has made! But I guess this comment is an enhancement request ;) My final point that may bolster the challenge that he has is simply that most companies don't mind hiring remotely for developers but do want the other roles in-house. We need to change that! With all the tech that's out there, it's entirely possible to run companies fully remotely. Think Buffer. Think Namecheap (I may have a bias, I am part of that crew--yep @levelsio, you are always tweeting with me, and now you know). But there are few others that embrace the same tech-connected-distance-apart culture.
@tamar You’re right, RemoteOK’s focus is slightly different. Do you know if there are remote job sites that cater towards designers?
@cenk Remote OK is an aggregator and also has WWR as a source, so a bit different. WWR's jobs quality is great by the way, they've made one of the best job boards for remote careers now.
@tamar @cenk you're right, it's pretty representative of the overall job market in remote work right now. That means it's mostly development and design jobs. However, there are some other categories like business development (https://remoteok.io/remote-bus-d...) and copywriting (https://remoteok.io/remote-copyw...). Unfortunate for some, I think non-technical jobs are a thing of the past.
Very solid remote work site. I would appreciate some stronger categorization, and some more non-programming jobs.
How is it different from elance, rent-a-coder, and many more?
@bilb02 It's jobs, not freelance contracts for the most part