We The People

Yik Yak for politics and much more for Election 2016

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With the California Primary today I thought it would be a great time to hunt We The People! The app allows you to anonymously discuss the election with others near and far, get the top news and social content from the candidates, and understand detailed insights into who your community supports and why. This election is one of the most polarizing of our generation and the app really allows you to get a pulse on how people really feel.
@jedbreed I think We the People will help bridge conversations across political ideologies in a time when our country is more polarized than ever.
@brendan_lattrell Thanks Brendan. We've been seeing what seems like the silent majority of voters who have opinions they typically don't express in public due to judgement on who they support (for example many Trump supporters). Its really interesting to see how people are using our app.
Very cool - I know the team that built this and have been very impressed with their work ethic and look forward to seeing this app become successful!
@jessewaites thanks Jesse! We've seen some great engagement on the app as this election season heats up!
A well timed app for what will surely be a historic election. I love the community discussion and curated news.
@grdeken thanks Grant! We found the curated news feed has been one our most popular features.
Nice app! Got anything planned for the general election?
@connerdelights glad you like the app! We have an bigger update in the works for the general election with some cool new features. Look for it around the conventions.
Awesome stuff, Jed! Congrats.
@justifyles Thanks Justin!