We Roam

Travel and work remotely around the world

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Hi all, I am the co-founder of We Roam and happy for any feedback and to answer any questions!
@joelgascoigne Perhaps you can extend @buffer retreats with @sharvs @_weroam
I get an 504 Gateway Timeout when I visit our page, any particular reason for this ?
@filip_johansen Hmm, not too sure but everything looks fine on my end. Try again?
Congrats Sean! Would love to learn more about your plans! E: adam@launchable.us
@agreenwaldhq @launchable Thanks Adam! Will shoot you an e-mail.
Could use some styling on the apply page but yea, love it
@mirmayne Couldn't agree more, but I ended up using a wufoo form and had to sacrifice style for function for the time being.