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Hi, Nicely executed from a design POV, but what makes this any different to the "dozens" of others? There's currently 2 jobs in London... Job websites are the most saturated website because people think they can make a quick buck with selling spots for $199 per month or something without doing anything, but what makes people use yours? Ironically, I'm wasting my time looking at yours. Take this as constructive criticism. Thanks, Tom
@chewx Thanks! Appreciate your time giving feedback. The main difference is we don't intend to charge for publishing jobs. Our goal is to make all dev jobs easily accessible and discoverable by developers. Just like how dev tools, and other such content are curated. We are aggregating it into one platform - hoping to save on the countless hours spent on browsing multiple sites. Also we are exploring ideas on taking the deliverability even further via different mediums (ideas include a slack bot, access over terminal, etc). As for the content, we will be seeding more jobs from across the web. This is only the beginning πŸ˜ƒ
We aggregate the best dev jobs for you in one place. So you don't have to waste time browsing dozens of websites. Save it for debugging or writing code 😸
@ehvana what the diff with angel.co ?
@francoolaami we have multiple sources for content (including angel). so its not only jobs available at startups (which is angel.co's main source)
Hello, Is it only US based or open for Europe too ?
@westerwitten yes open to everyone everywhere. we are planning on extending the location filter even further, so that it's easier to find jobs by specific locations.