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#4 Product of the DaySeptember 29, 2018

Is your startup getting acquired? ✨ Or dreaming about this? 💤 You most definitely need an unique and convincing text to tell the world how exciting you are that your startup has been acquired. Right? 👀


Justin Jackson
Michael Frankland
Osman Erdi Balcıoğlu
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Aashish Loknath Panigrahi
Aashish Loknath Panigrahi@aalpanigrahi · Hobbyist mathematician + Coder + Cyclist
@eelcojellema : Great product , but I have to say this : why not "We are closing down" generator app also , because it would generate waaaaaaay more traffic considering that 9/10 startups fail 🙂 🙂 .
eelcoMaker@eelcojellema · building www.startupcosts.co
@aalpanigrahi haha! I’ll consider when I have another two hours to spare. 😉 (or maybe open source this, so others can have a go at it)
eelcoMaker@eelcojellema · building www.startupcosts.co
Hola PH. 👋 Last Tuesday a total of 5 startup acquisitions happened. After reading some of these "exciting, we have been acquired" letters, I thought I could help the next acquired founders. So yesterday I spent about two hours hacking this together. A little something to make a bit of fun of those all too common letters from founders after they have been acquired. 😹 Here is one I made for Startup Costs where I tell how excited I am to be acquired by Stripe. 😁 Love to see by who you get acquired! Let me know if you like me to add anything (more emoji maybe?)? Some other newly added ones: - Chatfuel is acquired by Facebook 🎉 - https://www.wehavebeenacquired.c... - Dofo is acquired by Godaddy 🔥 - https://www.wehavebeenacquired.c... - Muna is acquired by Indeed 🎉 - https://www.wehavebeenacquired.c... See a selection here: https://www.wehavebeenacquired.c...
Abid Famasya
Abid Famasya@famasya · Engineering Lead
@eelcojellema Hi, is there any way to delete generated content? I accidently press generate button while my company is on acquiring process, but I can't find out how to delete it. 😱
eelcoMaker@eelcojellema · building www.startupcosts.co
@famasya yikes! What's the slug for it (can also message me here on PH). I'll delete it right away for you (or will at least not publish it to the 'hall of fame' right now).
Abid Famasya
Abid Famasya@famasya · Engineering Lead
Mike Shoss, CSM SPM
Mike Shoss, CSM SPM@mikeshoss · CEO @ Epilogue Labs, Voice & IoT shop
Not sure how often I will be able to use this but I think it’s a great concept!
eelcoMaker@eelcojellema · building www.startupcosts.co
@mikeshoss Ha—thanks! Well, let's aim for at least once?! ✨
Satvik Pendem
Satvik Pendem@satvikpendem
Interesting. You could even take it a step further and use deep learning like a GAN or LSTM to generate the pages based on the text of other, real acquired company posts. This data source might help you out, as well as /r/subredditsimulator. https://ourincrediblejourney.tum...
eelcoMaker@eelcojellema · building www.startupcosts.co
@satvikpendem Good suggestion—added to the list. Plenty of ideas, but had to keep it simple cause there's only so much one can do in two hours. 🤓 Thanks for checking this out!
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out!!