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We Buy Black is an online marketplace for Black owned businesses to showcase and sell their products to a global community.


  • Pros: 

    Important highlighting of black owned businesses


    UI could be improved

    Honestly, I am writing this review to lend some perspective to the other, more negative reviews. They are missing the point, highlighting one of the many blind sides of the tech community. It’s important that spaces like WeBuyBlack exist, even if ProductHunt is the wrong place to talk about them.

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  • Tristin RoneyCancer survivor turned entrepreneur.

    Showcasing businesses with diversity is important to increasing diversity.


    Some people find diversity threatening.

    There is nothing wrong with going out of your way to support individuals and groups that you believe can benefit from extra attention. This is particularly true whe those individuals and groups have had to overcome centuries of oppression and prejudice to get to the point where they have something to offer.

    By providing these trailblazers with encouragement in the form of spending money, we help them achieve success, which will further encourage others to follow their path, thus breaking a cycle of unfairness that has prevented much-needed diversity in many industries. This is not to say that we should give many that is undeserved, but rather that we can and should highlight deserving businesses that are uniquely positioned to influence massive change for individuals, families, and communities.

    It is wonderful that a platform has been created to start this important work. I hope those who hold a narrow view of fairness will not be too threatened to let others enjoy a good platform.

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Marc Alexander@x_cryptos · Cryptos, websites and apps
Very racist..
@x_cryptos How is this racist?
Marc Alexander@x_cryptos · Cryptos, websites and apps
@cenk How about a Buy White or Buy Asian or Buy Arab movement? People would lose their minds if a Buy White movement occurred. What gives? I don't think things should be about skin color. This specifically exploits skin color. With that said I'm not black.. so am I even allowed to use this service? Or do I have to use the other drinking fountain?
Manny Orduña@manny_orduna
@x_cryptos @cenk why should a vendor's race even be considered when purchasing an item/service, let alone be held at the forefront prior to the transaction? Do you assume that everyone selling on Amazon or eBay is white unless explicitly stated so?
Jordan Fourcher@jfourcher · Badass from the future
@x_cryptos exactly what came to my mind. The whole premise of this service, however good the intentions were, is incredibly, if not definitively racist.
@x_cryptos @manny_orduna Racism describes a system of disadvantage based on race. What you are doing is called "False equivalency", you are purposefully ignoring the historical and current-day power imbalance between white people and people of color. Not to mention the fact that black people are a underrepresented minority, and white people definitely are not. You cannot simply ignore the disadvantages black people as a whole have in the US. I’m sorry, but you are entirely wrong on this issue.
AbadesiHiring@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
Thanks for hunting @_munir I'd love to get the maker on Product Hunt and credited on this post 😄
Manny Orduña@manny_orduna
But why?
Emily HodginsPro@ems_hodge · Operations @ Product Hunt
@manny_orduna I won't put words in founder Shareef Abdul Malik's mouth and he’s not yet on Product Hunt, so I’ve taken this quote from their Facebook page: “WeBuyBlack is not just an online marketplace where thousands of Black owned businesses sell their products to the world, but it’s a movement to ensure Black people no longer have the highest rates of poverty, homelessness, joblessness, crime, and imprisonment.” There is also further information on their About Us page I’ve copied here: "What drives WeBuyBlack is a community of creative entreprenuers who use WeBuyBlack to sell their products, thousands of shoppers who believe supporting these entreprenuers to affect social change, and the committed staff of WeBuyBlack. - Shop unique items from thousands of Black owned businesses all across the world. - Find everythign you need and want directly from the black community. - Help circulate dollars in our community to lower our highest rates of joblessness, homelessness, and poverty. Did you know that a dollar circulates in Asian communities for a month, in Jewish for nearly 20 days and white communities for 17 days? Well, unfortunately a dollar circulates in the Black community for only 6 hours. Recognizing this fact, our team has designed extra features to ensure our dollars circulate at a rate equal to or better than any other people. Did you know that Blacks in America have the highest rates for joblessness, homelessness, poverty, crime, and imprisonment? Well, did you know that Black owned businesses are the 2nd highest employer of African Americans after the government? Therefore, if we continue to support and help create sustainable Black owned businesses we will reduce the unfortunate statistics aforementioned. To remedy these systematic and multi-generational issues we must remain steadfast in supporting those that will support us.” https://webuyblack.com/about
Manny Orduña@manny_orduna
@ems_hodge this is actually hilarious. Imagine if this was an Asian or White only marketplace...
Cody Coe@cody_coe · Entrepreneur
@manny_orduna That would be racist right?
Manny Orduña@manny_orduna
@cody_coe inb4 "you can"t be racist to white people" reply.
Cody Coe@cody_coe · Entrepreneur
@manny_orduna well I identify as black, so I should be able to sell on it. And if no one accepts that then they're racist and bigoted.