We Are TV

The first AR game for TV shows

We Are TV is an AR game for playing with TV Shows

  • Romain Bal
    Romain BalFounder, hidsi

    The fun of pokemon go without having to leave your sofa


    Looking for AR characters to look like the TV ones

    Seems very fun


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  • Kyle Austin
    Kyle AustinFounder, Beantown Media Ventures

    cool factor


    something to do while watching tv

    makes commercials more fun

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It looks great. Congrats!
Hey, Product Hunt community! So excited to be featured here on our launch day in the U.S.! We Are TV is the first Augmented Reality (AR) platform built for playing with TV shows like Big Bang Theory, House of Cards, The Walking Dead and Ellen. Think Pokémon GO, but as an extension of your favorite shows -- played on top of the television screen you’re watching via your mobile device! We know that 90% of television viewers watch their favorite shows with their mobile device in hand. Rather than presenting the phone as a distraction to the viewer, We Are TV offers a fun new way for the viewer to leverage their phone as a gaming experience on top of the show they are watching. Users can toss virtual objects such as We Are TV balls, hearts, tomatoes or cartoon bombs at 3D animated characters that move in real time with the program The first-generation of We Are TV app and mobile AR game is available on iTunes and Google Play to download for free today! We look forward to your feedback! Here are highlights of some of We Are TV's features so far: -Real-time reactions: express yourself and interact with your friends in real-time during the shows. -Throw hearts or tomatoes depending on how you feel. Don’t just watch, get involved. -Badges for watching and engaging with types of shows -Badges for recurring viewers of a specific program -Alerts friends and family when watching certain shows and provides real-time commentary
Awesome. I'm getting pretty good at this game.