We are Colorblind

Making the world a better place for the colorblind

We are Colorblind is dedicated to making the world a better place for the colorblind. On wearecolorblind.com you’ll find freely available articles, examples and resources on the subject of color blindness.

We also now offer consultancy services, supporting professionals and businesses to get their product right for the colorblind.

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That's awesome! I'm colorblind myself and I've done a little chrome extension for whatsapp web so that we can spot blue double checks easier. Check it out @ https://chrome.google.com/websto...
@tomas_martty Great extension! Really simple way of not having the rely on color alone. I've added the extension to the resources section on the website: https://wearecolorblind.com/reso...
@tomvb Thanks! I've just read this and I'm sharing your site with my contacts. It's a really awesome initiative to start making the web more colorblind-friendly. If you're on the lookout for a deuteran to help you out, let me know!
Hi! 👋 I'm Tom, founder of We are Colorblind. I'm colorblind myself and want to help others get their product right for the colorblind. 4% of the world is color blind, thats more than 300 million people! Do you know how the colorblind see your product?