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@bentossell @joostschuur __ thanks for your comments. I too have thought about the challenge of retention on these curation sites, but I'm not sure of the solution. It may sound cliche, but the 2 factors I plan to focus on are quality and engagement. To maintain quality, the plan is change the WD Stack submission workflow and voting/reputation system to closely resemble that of Stack Overflow. As resources are posted, other users can respond with voting and/or other reactions. These "reactions" are more expressive (like the new Facebook reactions https://www.producthunt.com/tech...). Gradually user reputation builds, and their opinion counts more towards resource weight. "Top" resources are ranked where age and score are both relevant (using an algorithm similiar to HN/Reddit). I hope that engagement will follow the focus on quality, along with some help from weekly updates and social notifications (mostly on Twitter since that's the current login method).
Thanks @erictwillis for hunting this! I know there are a lot of these "curation" sites out there, so here's how I hope to make WD Stack different... It's curated by everyone (open submissions and voting), but it's not a firehose. It's organized by collections that cover the realm of both frontend development and web design (there's even an collection for curated lists). Many curations are maintained by a one author. These curations tend to be ambiguously selective, or grow out of date. Other curated lists are overwhelming, unruly and it's hard to find quality resources. I hope that WD Stack is the "happy medium" between a selective curation and comprehensive list. Thanks for sharing any thoughts or feedback you have.
@tweetfrog I like the site but I think it's going to be hard to compete with Product Hunt because they are very similar
@tweetfrog The good thing about having more curated collections to pick from is that not everyone who curates shares your taste or sense of quality, so choice is good. :)
@matthui I don't think both sites compete with each other too much. The kind of in depth, more niche web design or development subject matter WD Stack is aiming for isn't really a good fit for PH, especially if it's tutorial links e.g..
@scottruona - Would this would be a relevant addition to your curations list? https://www.producthunt.com/@sco...
@tweetfrog @carolskelly - how do you aim to attract and retain users? What is the longer-term goal here? I set up Marketing Stack, had an awesome launch and then didn't have any time to do anything with it. I still get 100s of users a day but barely even look at the analytics. With the rise of these curated sites. I'm curious to see what you think the potential is here?
@bentossell Interesting that you mentioned attracting users first. A bigger issue is going to be how reliably fresh content can be added, preferably by a diverse group of people with different niche skillsets. Early on, new users might come through stray posts like this or by seeing tweets from others. If those early users don't fine enough interesting content (or, don't find any _new_ content when they come back a second time), you won't get them sharing the site with others.
@joostschuur yeah it wasn't necessarily the thing to think about first but as time goes on after PH I was wondering about the acquisition and retention longevity of a site like this.

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