Waze Local Ads

Advertise your local business to drivers using Waze πŸš—

Create meaningful local advertising experiences within the context of a drive

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If waze needs money, just make a premium offer that gives more features to the one who pays, you'll be rich enough in no time.

Hey Google, leave us alone for once


What the hell


As it's a GPS, it seems clear that:

- Ads won't have any impact for businesses

- It might distract the driver

- We don't want ads anyway

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Well, Waze has been presenting ads to drivers for couple of years so I believe they measure it and have data improving it works though I've never clicked those ads (and I'm a Waze user for couple of years now since the beginning) I did clicked sponsored business ads appearing in search results (for example Gas stations) - I think this real estate is very effective because in this case the driver is not driving (hopefully..)
I love that landing page so much.
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announcements while you are driving? or did I understand wrong?
@edwardvasquezdr same here ... I really hope we just misunderstood.
@edwardvasquezdr They have ads now that appear when you aren't moving (e.g. at a light they throw on "Hungry? There's a Taco Bell 4 minutes from here"). I assume this is the localized (as opposed to national) version of this?
The Google effect in full motion lol! Let's ruin another great product with ads ....
@karim_t I mean they have to make money, otherwise it is a failed product, right?
@svenvd_zee Of course. But first, they are under the Google umbrella and so I don't think they are strapped for cash. Second, there is an appropriate monetization strategy for every product. These are just my two cents, I would have to look into it in more details. :)
Is this the launch of their self-serve advertising platform? They've been running agency-placed ads in the app forever. Anyone complaining about this ruining the product must not actually use it.