Waze 4.0

The community-based traffic & navigation app, redesigned

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Funny how the iOS update comes before Android. What's up with that Google?
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@benln Still waiting :')
I have been a user of Waze/advocate since the first Beta in 2007. All before the acquisition by Google. Waze has been the navigation I have preferred over TomTom, Garmin, or Navi. Initially what set Waze apart was that it was considered social. Users individual devices would automatically send back traffic conditions and I found these provided the most up to date conditions. Waze also encourages users to submit information while in route. These updates can provide future alerts for your route. Every year when we travel Interstate 81 in the US over Thanksgiving we encounter horrific traffic for approximately 20 miles. Waze has alerted us in advance and re-routed us saving a 1.5 hour delay.
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The one thing I find frustrating with Waze, that keeps me using Google maps, is how cluttered the UI can get - especially considering how short concentration spans are when driving it can be a real distraction. I'd love to hear from the makers if this is something that has been addressed in v.4? @noamb11 Apart from that, Waze trumps other navigations apps big time :)
@seffa121 Agreed -- I'm a big in-route optimizer, but every time I try Waze I feel like it requires too many taps and too much attention for me to safely drive at the same time. Looking forward to giving it another chance!
About time they updated the app for different sized iPhones, it was the only reason I always opted for Google Maps instead. The only thing I still dislike is that it requires your location at all times, even when the app is on the background.
@kevinayuque it's a navigation app, so of course it would need your location even when the app is in the background. Every navigation/maps app asks for the same permission.
@mikekhristo @kevinayuque I think the big thing here is that it should allow the choice of "While Using the App" instead of just "Always" and "Never". Apple allows app developers to have that third option if they choose.
They finally got rid of the Christmas​ tree effect. cleaner. unfortunately search is still not as good as google maps which has by far the best and most accurate experience.