Automate your sliding door

Wayzn lets you convert any sliding glass door into an automatic, app-controlled pet door with added security.

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I'd love this same device, but for windows.
Didn't even think this was possible. How cool though! I wonder what happens when this encounters doors that stick a bit when sliding. I know I've tried sliding some doors that aren't so easy.
Automate All The Thingz!!! We just automated our 15 roller blinds in our condo and I gotta say, it's pretty awesome. Main concerns are: 1) Battery life? Solar? 2) Fail-safe in case something or someone is inside the door jam when it's trying to close? 3) Can it be operated manually without the app? We returned one of our automated blind systems because it required the app, which isn't great for guests, etc.
I think its a great idea and a very simple concept. I wonder if it will work with all type of doors and also if the age of the door or sliding friction of the door will wear down the product faster than expected. After looking at the parts and how they did it, it's one of those ideas that I say "why didn't I think of it" :) its a little pricey $400 after their campaign might be too much for the average household. I rather get the product at a cheaper price and pay maybe a yearly membership fee to get the smart features similar to what Ring does.
Would like to see something more integrated to the sliding door actually...$400 maybe I could possibly replace a panel of my sliding door with an automated wheel. Stepper motor is cheaper than actuator after all.