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Wayzaway allows you to map a journey and tag interesting places along the way. Its perfect for people who like to walk and discover little hidden gems when exploring a new city. I created a map of some of my favorite coffee shops in San Francisco. And while I may not walk this as one journey - I do walk sections of it (SOMA, the Mission, out by the Park). Enjoy. https://www.wayzaway.com/trek/c2jt
@corleyh Thank you for sharing!
Love this. I'm moving to Tehran next week and will use this to document all the great things to do there.
Hey guys, we made the site during 2014 as our side project to plan and share trips with our family members and friends. Later this year we are planning to release ability to create premium content so that independent tour guides, photographers and most creative adventurers could sell their work.
@griffellab It is really beautiful and easy to use. Love the idea of adding independent professionals. Check out Paris Muse. What makes Wayzaway different from other similar products?
@griffellab @corleyh It seems like many products in this space are focused on sports activities like running and bicycling. We've created a place where everyone could plan and share their travel experiences. The real trigger was my mother's EU trip a couple of years ago. She meticulously planned it and it turned out real great and she wanted me to experience it too. So she emailed me a huge email with pictures. Our company is all about share&discovery even though we are focused on science having an incredible team for mobile/web and UX/design it seemed almost criminal not to build Wayzaway.