Ways We Work

Interview series about how people work and stay inspired

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Would love to see @rrhoover there :)
@rrhoover @mattiheubner I would love to chat with Ryan for sure! Read a few interviews with him and love PH in general.
I love to read about people's work life! I'm definitely going to suggest some people to interview and keep an eye on this project. :)
@v4violetta Thanks so much for sharing it Violeta!
reminds me of the series Life Hacker used to do. love it. http://lifehacker.com/im-ira-gla...
Seems interesting from the looks of it. Just read the top 2 interviews..definitely interesting to know work style of different people (esp from Start-up's) and how they keep them selves inspired. Suggestion: an audio/video series would be great on the same :) short audio/video bites.
this is nice. Would love to see video interviews too. :)