Waypoint EDU

Educational geocaching with an AR twist

Waypoint EDU is a fun, educational augmented-reality geocaching game for classrooms and families.

- Teachers (or parents) use Waypoint EDU to create engaging augmented reality geocaches (“Hunts”).

- Setting up a Hunt is very simple – enter a few details, draw a Playfield directly on the map, and enter quiz questions for your curriculum.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Really easy to use AR tool for teachers and regular folk alike. The biggest hurdle for AR in my opinion is finding fun and low effort use cases so that people get to actually try it instead of just reading an article about it. Curious where these kinds of tools will be at the end of 2018.

Waypoint EDU is another necessary tool that will slowly help AR become more common for regular people outside of the tech sphere.


Easy to learn for people that are not necessarily into AR / tech


The onboarding for making new tours can be streamlined a little bit

Great job!! 😊
It's good to see AR being used in the education sector :)