Waynak App

Share your precise location

Your solution to outdated addressing systems. Download Waynak, create your 'Smart Address' and start sharing precise locations with any friend or service provider.

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Thanks for sharing @ipr1ncess could you tell us a bit more about the use cases for this? Are there specific parts of the world where its more useful due to the local postal system for example? At a glance reminds me of the Apple app Find my Friends.
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@abadesi Hello, Waynak App is an app that can be used everywhere around the world with no specific geographical region in mind, as well as for many services such as Delivery services, insurance companies, and emergency services. It is, of course, more useful in countries with no postal systems, but the development of the app and the technologies used for accurately pinpointing a location makes it usable by everyone for everything. As for Apples "Find My Friends," the find my friends feature has a live tracking system, our app does not and it's a one time share only, such as share my location with a friend.
Amazing name for the service :)
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Just stumbled on this after nine months.. Great job @ipr1ncess