On-demand video ads for your business

Produce ready-to-run videos for your business with the click of a button. You can make edits as needed, see your changes in real time, and take your marketing to the next level, all in just a few seconds. 

Winner of the Game Changer Award at Google Demo Day 2017, Waymark’s combination of art and technology makes agency-quality videos accessible.

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This is remarkably well done and timely as more ad dollars move toward video (but not everyone, especially local business owners, have the skills to create their own videos). I created an ad for a local SF nightclub, 1015 Folsom, in 30 seconds. 👏🏼 Caption is another tool that makes video creation easier, although built for a different use case and audience.
@rrhoover Thanks for the feedback, Ryan! We're excited to make awesome videos accessible for all small businesses and marketing teams.

When I look at the available options, Waymark has a balance of the fastest delivery (10 seconds), the highest quality offering, and the best price.

The service takes your business phone number and pulls real imagery and reviews to build a branded video. Then I can edit the text and swap the imagery if I want.

After that I can buy the video file to put it anywhere I like online. Whether I buy the video file or not I can also choose to have Waymark launch and manage an awareness campaign on Facebook and Instagram.

All around a solid, needed service value-engineered for smaller businesses.


Super fast, great quality video at an excellent price. A viable way for a small to mid-sized business to launch a quality, branded video.


Limited templates but they are adding more over time.

Here's an example video, created by product, for a local sushi restaurant that we love.
@stephen_parker1 That'd be one of the best restaurants video ads I've seen to date, lol. Any ole person can do that easily?
@jeremyz123 Absolutely. All they need is a business and phone number. Takes about 15-30 seconds. Feel free to try with a favorite business of your own.
Congrats on the launch and re-branding, team! Nathan can you share more about the journey to launch Waymark? As someone who admired from the sidelines in Detroit, it's been quite the journey!
@eriktorenberg I'm excited to read Nathan's memoirs about their journey in a few years. Been a privilege to watch from the sidelines.
I've been using Waymark's products for close to a year now. Really cool to see how they've evolved from standard FB Ads to automated video, and even more exciting to see them unbundling the video creation from the automated ad creation/management. Also, I used some of the earlier versions of the automated video product - the cinematic quality of the video templates has gotten A LOT better. The only thing that surpasses my admiration of the product is my admiration for the team. They are great great people, and Waymark has one of the grittiest, inspirational startup stories that I've seen. <3
@mwil20 Thanks Mike - appreciate it!