Simplifying hotel booking with AI

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Thanks a lot @misbahspeaks for posting about Waylo. Let me give you a brief background about Waylo. Last year, I traveled 40+ weekends and realized travel booking is frustrating. None of the existing apps even remember my travel preferences despite booking with them every week. So, we got down to building something that we would use ourselves. Do you also think travel booking is a pain and a frustrating time drain? What if you had a personal AI travel assistant that worked for free? Meet Waylo. Waylo can book any hotel for you with just one text and 3 taps. Just type in when and where you are traveling, select hotel and preferred room type and tap to pay. As you book hotels, Waylo will learn your preferences and simplify the booking process. There is no need to worry about price comparisons. We guarantee better prices than you see online or you get an automatic 10% refund. Last month, our beta users saved 12.4% compared to the lowest online prices.
Btw, to celebrate our March 7 launch, we are giving USD 15 off the first booking (of USD 75 or more) to the first 0307 Hunters booking a hotel in the next 37 hours.
Great job guys - 3 taps and boom
This is super slick. Congrats to Angik and team for paving the way for bot monetization. I'll be using this service quite a bit.
@cleggskie Thanks Justin :)
great product Angik! like a facebook concierge.
@sameep_sheth Thanks Sameep. Yep that's the idea.
Congrats guys from #travelmassive - great job and future vision!