Simplifying hotel booking with AI


Angik Sarkar
@kyunbit · CEO, Waylo
Thanks a lot @misbahspeaks for posting about Waylo. Let me give you a brief background about Waylo. Last year, I traveled 40+ weekends and realized travel booking is frustrating. None of the existing apps even remember my travel preferences despite booking with them every week. So, we got down to building something that we would use ourselves. Do you also … See more
Dean Nachos Bracko
Great job guys - 3 taps and boom
Justin Clegg
This is super slick. Congrats to Angik and team for paving the way for bot monetization. I'll be using this service quite a bit.
Sameep Sheth
@sameep_sheth · CoFounder, SenseiHub
great product Angik! like a facebook concierge.
Emmanuel Lemor
@exlemor · Cust. Exp., Prod. Mgmt etc are my world.
On a different point, now that I have played around with the system... the slight advantage of the 3 clicks and the slightly better pricing are honestly lost on how slow/inefficient/cumbersome the process is to get to a place where you can book a hotel... additionally, after the chatbot asked me its questions, it had to transfer me to Raju - a live agent w… See more