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Hi, Product Hunt - I have been a community member for some time and am very excited to be a Maker! "Open source logos for cool developers (& non-designers)" is a side project by my team at wayf(x). Customize a logo to make it your own. Use a logo as is for your side project. Or use the logo as a placeholder as you develop your next big idea. We'll be adding more logos a few times per month, every month. Enjoy! Cheers!
@devinrajaram Very happy to have you here at Product Hunt as a Maker!
Very, very similar to the recent success of www.logolix.com . Good luck!
@logolix1 No doubt. Thanks!
Not non-designer friendly enough. WTF is .ai? I just want a pick a logo and type some text next to it and boom new logo!
@henrikharju .ai is a vector format for Adobe Illustrator. It's infinitely scalable, so you won't have any quality loss.
@henrikharju Yep. I don't even know what software to use to open .ai. @devinrajaram Should be available in SVG if your target is non-designers. But still, nice work!
@devinrajaram why not SVG? Then you get Sketch support as well. Illustrator is on the way out.
@chrismessina I appreciate the feedback. Re packaging all logos now to include the .ai, svg, and png!
@devinrajaram Def interested in this - what's ETA?
Awesome! Both @ujzeee and @devinrajaram are prolific creators.