Wavy Music

Experience music in AR


Wavy Music is an app that gives people a new way to experience music through augmented reality. We work with musicians to create AR experiences set to their songs, empowering them to connect with their fans on a deeper level.

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Rohan Mahajan
Prafulla Dhariwal
Kevin Wu
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  • Pros: 

    Such a cool concept, super entertaining, beautiful design on the AR.


    App is very minimal

    Would really love for there to be a social part of the app... views, comments or something to keep the engagement. Or a way to connect to social media & share the clips. The songs and the experiences so far are so unique, I'd imagine this is what synesthesia is like! keep em coming :)

    Spriha Shrestha has used this product for one day.
  • Rahul Madduluri
    Rahul MadduluriSoftware Engineer @ Uber

    Refreshingly creative way to experience music. compelling AR environments made me listen to each track multiple times


    Some friction in moving from track to track

    Listening to/watching a song was an exciting experience every time. I found myself replaying certain tracks (eg Joyzu x Yngblood) several times just to see if I missed something -- I rarely do this. I feel like Wavy is at the early stages of a new (and very compelling!) medium for experiencing music.

    While I found each experience was fantastic, I didn't feel the "itch" to listen to song after song. My 2cents on possible directions to go in:

    1. Make transitioning from song to song more seamless. If there was a way to keep the environment settings btw songs, the experience would have a lot less friction

    2. Double down on recording friends dancing. seeing your friends dance to tracks could be a lot of fun (simple example is the karaoke feature in China's KuGou)

    3. Mini-stories (ala music videos) would be a lot of fun (Joyzu x Yngblood kinda does this)

    Rahul Madduluri has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    This is groundbreaking -- possibly a new "wave" in creative apps like musically or snapchat.


    Still early, so this is where we come in as a early adopters and test for improvements :)

    I'd like to see how people get creative and create their own music videos for their favorite songs. Possibilities can be limitless with different locations and free imagination for AR designs.

    Anyone getting to interact with and experience an AR music video is something wholly unique.

    Jibran Khan has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Really cool experience using ar



    Super sick experience

    Rohan Mahajan has used this product for one week.