wavey is a small tool to gather links and share them. The need came from wanting to share a simple list of links with friends! Version 2 brings a whole host of improvements and a new design - looking forward to your feedback! 😊
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Hi all, long time no hunt! (That sounded better in my head) 👀 Almost a year and 500+ users later, I'm back again with wavey.tips. A few months ago I updated the design, overall experience and built some features based on the feedback received. The ability to add collaborators to lists opens them up to you and your friends f'real this time. On top of this, better link parsing and a Chrome extension to add links instantly! I'm looking for another round of honest feedback mostly to validate the project further. Looking forward to hear from y'all PH community ✌️
Is this open source? Me and im sure others would like to help with this.
@voids It currently is not open source, but that's also not a bad idea! Perhaps one day!
This is awesome! I've been waiting for something like this. I have a document that I use just to organize all my links in one place on Keynote and this will definitely be replacing it :) Thank you so much I love it!
@michelle_zuchowicki1 Glad to hear it's helped, let me know if there's any thoughts you have on how it can be improved!
@erd_y a few cool features I had in mind: allowing the user to remove one link from one list into another without deleting it and copying it into the new list. Being able to toggle the order of the links and add tags or color code the link section :)
@michelle_zuchowicki1 All great ideas and a few of them in the pipeline already! Keep your eyes peeled, they'll be available hopefully soon :)
Firefox please :)
@0xsven Adding to roadmap!
Suggestion: I wish if there are some public lists so I can move around and benefit from their lists