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#4 Product of the DayNovember 24, 2018

wavey.tips is a small tool to gather links together and share them. The idea is is to start small and build on something depending on how users use it. :) the tool came out of a need to cluster links from multiple sources in one place. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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πŸ‘‹ Hi all, wavey.tips is a small tool I created a while back to gather links together in one place with an easy to share link. The idea behind it is to start small and constantly evolve the tool based on how users are interacting with it. In many ways this launch is an experiment for something I built in less than 3 weeks? Looking forward to seeing the open and honest feedback and if the tool even has a use case. In a way, using Product Hunt to validate the idea 😊 One of the key ideas of the tool is to stay as simple as possible, essentially WSIWYG. Have a great day and look forward to your thoughts. Erd ✌️
@erd_so great music taste πŸ‡³πŸ‡± , do you mean Wysiwyg btw?
@pregenun "what you see is what you get" - e.g. no thrills list of links πŸ˜„
Congrats for the launch. Cool lists πŸ˜ƒ
Great product. I use Pinterest to gather all my links because it is easy and very visual. Pinterest is very smooth on a desktop, but it gets harder on a mobile to save great articles. I tried your product and it is really interesting. But it isn't making it easy to use on a mobile phone. I'll prefer if there is a mobile app/chrome extension which makes the process a lot easier with less number of steps required. Thanks for making this though. I hope you improve this app. Another thought though. This can be really used by businesses in some way for information storage and transfer. I do not how, but a use case could be while on boarding a new employee, training information links could be shared using this tool. Not only links, but other information transfer and sharing could be done as well. Just my 2 cents.
@siddharth_mungekar1 Thanks for the feedback! Yeah a Chrome extension is something I began to work on but then wondered, will anyone use this thing in the first place? So just interested to see if there's an pick up of it today and if so, some of the more obvious features will be added 😸 And yes perhaps it could be narrowed down into a niche? πŸ€”
@erd_so do let me know how the product progresses.
This is interesting. It's so simple to get one set up, but I'm curious to see how people use this if they were to implement it in a day to day workflow. https://wavey.tips/list/cjoxbm2l... ^ Made a list.