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This seems like a popular space. There's Splice (http://www.producthunt.com/posts...) which seems similar as they're both private, and Blend (http://www.producthunt.com/posts...) which allows you to collaborate publicly with other artists. Not a producer, but curious how it differs to Splice.
@kunaalarya I had the exact same question
@kunaalarya was thinking the same thing. Saw this idea proposed at a startup weekend by some musicians.
also can't forget about soundbetter.com and @shachargilad
Thanks @eriktorenberg I like Wavestack's multi-track embeddable player. That's a nice feature. There are a few companies in this general space, all positioned slightly differently: -Wavestack for backup and collaboration. -Splice for cross DAW (digital audio workstation) collaboration and Backup GitHub style. -Blend for remixing and open sourcing style collaboration and song building, as well as community focused discovery.. -Gobbler for audio backup and soon collaboration as well. -FindMySong. -Indaba music focused on remixes and competitions. -Avid (maker of Pro Tools) with 'Avid Everywhere' focusing on backup, licensing audio samples from creators, meta-data handling and others. Some of these companies are targeting professional musicians, post houses or even agencies, while others target hobbyist musicians. Some focus on the backup/archiving/file transfer solutions while others on the collaboration and music creation/remixing aspect. Some are technical back-end solutions while others (blend for example) incorporate exposure and discovery in their proposition. Interestingly most of these offer asynchronous collaboration. There was a trend a few years ago on enabling synchronous remote music collaboration, but personally I'm not sure if there is a real need for that. I do think there's a need for these types of services and potential for synergy with https://soundbetter.com We're a services marketplace for musicians, connecting musicians with professional mixing & mastering engineers, producers and session musicians. Much of the hired work happening on our platform is remote, so we're interested in the solutions these companies offer.