TOMS Shoes for sunglasses - Shades That Give Sight.

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Waveborn sells awesome sunglasses that fund cataract surgeries for blind people. Over 50% of global blindness can be treated with a 15 minute cataract surgery so it's a great cause.
@osmanify Great idea! How does the quality of the sunglasses compare with brands like Ray Ban?
@bobgreenlees I don't wear Ray Ban sunglasses but I wear Ray Ban prescriptions and I think the Waveborns are comparable in quality.
@bobgreenlees All Waveborn frames are handcrafted by artisans in Milan, Italy with polarized or mirror lenses by Carl Zeiss. Waveborn delivers an exceptionally high quality product that will change how you see the world. Waveborn's full one year warranty will also protect your new sunglasses - if your Waveborns are lost, stolen, or broken, then you will get a brand new pair for free. Ray Ban can't compete with that.