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Hello, Product Hunters! We are very happy to introduce our new update of Wave X — Reactions. From now you can react to the content you get as fast as you send it. Just tap on reaction button and choose a sticker which best fits your mood. We welcome all kind of feedback. Please leave your comments. Thanks!
Awesome update! A big step towards next gen social app.
@evgeny_evteev Yes it's true. Wave Inc. moves to a new gen of Communication & Media. Thank you for making the revolution together.
Good! Time to try new experience 👌🏻⚡️
Great idea sending pics in one click - unless of course you have really shaky hands =) I've got one question though: does this app integrate with any external messenger, or can you only share your content with those who also have this app?
@alina_karnaukh Thanks a lot! We have no integration with other services. Our idea is to build our own closed ecosystem with no opportunities for any external messengers :)
Hey! I love the onboarding and the UI is minimalist and nice. Question is, am I only limited to my network and will I be able to discover other users?
@stevedaniel Thanks for your reply. Now you can only chat people from your contact list. But in future X will become more social and you'll have a possibility to discover other users.
@mannyanov That would be great.