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Send photo, video and audio in only ONE gesture



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Dmitry KocherginMaker@thekochergin · Founder & CEO of Wave Inc.
Hey! Hi! Hello Product Hunters! Thanks a lot to @ericwillis for featuring us. We are so happy to become a part of the coolest IT community ever! WHO WE ARE We are Wave Inc. (http://wave.tech) — a young tech company from Moscow. We create amazing products to make people around the world closer. And today we are very excited and proud to introduce the future of messengers and social networks — Wave X. OUR PRODUCT Everyone has a circle of loved ones. X was made to share with your close friend something which reminded of him. Send photo, video and audio in only one gesture. HOW TO USE — One tap on a friend’s circle to send him a photo; — Tap & Hold to record a video; — Double Tap & Hold to start recording an audio; — Drag a circle up to enlarge the profile image and see the username. We created the fastest way to share emotions with friends. Join us and enjoy. It will be cool. With love from Moscow, Wave Inc.
Toni Biočić@toni_biocic
@ericwillis @thekochergin @mannyanov WAIT WAIT WAIT :) this is too similar to be a coincidence. Look at this: https://blog.prototypr.io/facebo... Every UI element and interaction is the same. Just wow :)
mannyMaker@mannyanov · Founder & Creative Director in Wave Inc.
Hello everybody! I'm also very happy to become a part of your wonderful family! Please, leave your comments, we need all kind of feedback :) Thanks.
Andrey Klyuzkoщ@andrey_klyuzko · Student, Financial University
Woooow sooooo coooool, I'm mad of that app
Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
What will stop people using what currently does this... Instagram stories, DMs, Snap, Messenger, etc
mannyMaker@mannyanov · Founder & Creative Director in Wave Inc.
@bentossell, in Wave X you can do only one thing — share something that you noticed with your close friend. And this thing we do faster and more simple than anywhere. For example it takes you 4 steps to send photo in Snapchat and 5 in Telegram. In X it's only ONE step.
Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
@mannyanov Ok I understand that it is 1 step vs several on other platforms... but is that going to be enough for someone to download a new photo sharing app and use that over the ones they already have. Is 1 step vs several a big enough improvement for people to change current habits?
mannyMaker@mannyanov · Founder & Creative Director in Wave Inc.
@bentossell, the thing is that modern messengers have so many functions that they loose their focus and simplicity. On the other hand there is Wave X: — which has one focus on a simple idea; — which has a very simple and clean design; — which has no chat and history which makes you do not think about the instant content. In addition, X doesn't prevent using messengers for communicating or social networks for sharing cool photos & moments. On the contrary it helps users to distribute their apps on their needs.
Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
@mannyanov yeah but they already have all your friends on their apps with the same capabilities (although it may be a few taps more). So I just wonder if that is enough to get people and their friends to adopt a new app
mannyMaker@mannyanov · Founder & Creative Director in Wave Inc.
@bentossell, yeah you're right. Every new social app has such a difficulty. But we are so simple and focused on one thing that people can combine us with other apps. And that's why for many people this is enough. Of course there are also ones who think that they would better use apps that they already have to share photos. But we are working on new functional and in future will have very unique features :)
Daria Gerasimova@daria_gerasimova · Model. Designer. Freelancer.
Fast, simple, cool) Good luck 👍🏻