Wave TV

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Wave TV is television for the age of the internet. It retrieves the internet's best, most recent content and sorts it into channels for you to enjoy. Videos play one after another, much like traditional television. The best part? It's all free.

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👋 Hey Product Hunt! I've been tinkering with Wave TV for a few months now, and I am finally ready to release it into the world. The reason that I created Wave TV is honestly a lack of good content. Currently, on Youtube, the platform shows you what it thinks you want to watch. This is great and all, but sometimes I am just in the mood to watch comedy or technology videos. However, the only way to find these types of videos would be to visit the channels I am already familiar with. 💡One day I realized that there had to be a better way, so I created Wave TV. Every 15 minutes, Wave TV checks for the newest videos from across the internet and sorts it into channels that include the News, Entertainment, Sports, Comedy, and Tech. (There are more channels coming very soon) 💰The best part about Wave TV is that it will always be free. You no longer need to pay for cable to have access to the top news stories or entertainment content. 👨‍💻I am a 16-year-old entrepreneur that was building Wave TV while also handling school, homework, and other activities. I will be writing a Medium Post on what it is like to launch a product while still in school. I appreciate any feedback that the Product Hunt Community can give me. Thanks, Mark Bruckert
@edisonjoao6871 Thanks so much! I never would have expected 43 upvotes and almost 300 new users this early in the day.
@frcbls Thanks! It means a lot.
This is good. I don’t like youtubes algorithm either, so this might be a solution. A better design is definitely needed though. Some parts of your webapp makes me think of initiation with html tutorials.
@samilkarahisar Thanks for your input. I've realized that a better design is needed in the future, and I have already begun work on a v2 with a dramatically improved user interface. For the MVP, I was focusing mainly on a simple interface with working features.
Tried signing up from my Samsung S8. No luck
@mefranco I've just messaged you.
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