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Wave Radio is a community for music lovers to share new & discover new music together. You earn points for every song you share, based on how new & popular it is.
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Hey everyone πŸ‘‹ This is a project I've been working on for a while now and the idea came from my own desire to discover more new music. Most music recommendations rely on what you've already listened to or your friends. It can work but you can miss out on interesting music that's completely outside your bubble. My aim is for this to be a place where you can share and discuss any type of music. Pop songs, album cuts, obscure indie songs, the only rule is that it has to be new, And if you're just interested in discovering interesting new music you can easily get weekly playlists of the most popular songs shared each week. Let me know if you have any feedback or questions!
Congratulations on the launch! I've been following @keenencharles 's journey on Twitter building Wave Radio. He is an inspiring maker who never gives up really. His latest idea, Wave Radio, is a community of music enthusiasts that will please your ears and fuel your days and nights. I've been using the website for several months already to discover new quality artists, and I'm far from disappointed: the community is still young but the quality content just keeps coming in! Great job.
@bsamel glad you've enjoyed it so far and thanks for the support along the way!
This is really really cool and def. something I can see coming back to every day/week ala Spotify's weekly curated playlists. Love that videos are required to be from within the year. Hopefully that doesn't become difficult to verify...and I'd even be down with smaller timeframes like posted within the last month, etc.
@just2jays thanks! I did consider a smaller timeframe as well and that's something that could change in the future. Maybe down to 3 months.
Congrats on the launch @keenencharles cool concept for music discovery! With so much new music being released out there these days, users are definitely going to find value in services/tools that help them focus in on the good stuff. How do you plan to integrate Apple Music and Spotify? If I submit a link to a song from Apple Music that is not available on YouTube or SoundCloud, how is a user going to be able to play the full song on WaveRadio? Also a lot of songs that are posted on YouTube are not available on Spotify or Apple Music - what will you do about these songs when creating playlists? I think a big pain-point right now with music is that it lives across several different services which don't play nice together and are not interoperable. Id go as far as to say that Apple Music + Spotify limit our ability to easily share songs outside of their apps. Im curious to know what you're thoughts are on this? Can you provide some insight into your decision to include all genres instead of focusing on a niche one. That must have been one of the most important decisions you made when creating this product. Suggestion: create a "most popular artists" or "most posted artists" list on the site. Also it wasn't clear to me at first that you could actually click on an artists name to view a full list of their posted songs. Do you have a discord group or any live chat community for WaveRadio?
@madebyildi thanks for the feedback! Completely agree that Apple Music & Spotify limit sharing music. That's the main reason I chose YouTube as the main platform behind the site. It's free, has most music, and is available in more places than any other streaming service. I don't intend to allow submitting links from those services until I can find a way to reliably and automatically include a link to YouTube for the same song. For playlists I create them for each platform and in cases where songs aren't available there's the free YouTube list that anyone can use. There's just no way around it with the current state of streaming music. The decision to include all genres was a core part of the idea. Most discovery services understandably focus on what we already listen to but just like most things "you don't know what you don't know". I think our preferences for genres are typically because of our limited listening history which is a result of the music we're exposed to. But if you're rarely exposed to music in other genres you have no idea what you're potentially missing out on. Instead my aim is for Wave Radio to be a community open to checking out any type of new music. Everything might not appeal to you but you might just stumble on something you never would've listened to otherwise. Which happened to me already when someone shared some non-English rap songs. Adding your suggestions to my to-do list which is public at https://trello.com/b/knH6zmim/wa... I'll be sharing a Slack community with all members soon πŸ™‚
@keenencharles thank you for answering my questions and for the insights. I really like your public roadmap, looks like you've got lots of improvements coming. Looking forward to joining the Slack community!

It's a great idea. The community is still young, but it takes nothing away from the quality of the content.


Simple/clear interface, great content, public roadmap, resilient hard-working founder


A browser extension to submit music while I browse youtube/spotify/ would be nice.