Wave Accounting

Fast, easy accounting for your small business

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2 Reviews5.0/5
I've used Wave before and quite pleasantly surprised by the free version; nothing wrong with it at all!
So I just signed up for @xero - 100% free is enticing from wave. How "easy" is receipt/expense submission and tracking?
I love this product. Everything I need is an easy click away.

Kirk Simpson has been a mentor to me in my entrepreneurial journey and he truly cares about the user experience and how it benefits the small business owners life. Wave has incredible financial products and anyone using their products should know that the team does everything in their power to give you what you need.


Wave is an awesome accounting software that is free!


The connection with your bank sometimes stops and you need to stay on top of updating this.

I've used wave before the recent update and it was slow, and as ugly as any other paid software Xero, Quickbooks...etc but after the update i'm quite surprised really been using it ever since and it's amazing, I don't mind paying for it as long as they upgrade their cloud infrastructure to avoid those slow imports/exports sometimes and perhaps integrating with more banking accounts especially online one (PayPal, PAyoneer...etc)