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Six years ago, my (previous) company worked with Wattpad to build their first iOS app. Since then, they've taken it in-house and the product has come a long way. The latest release has an updated social discovery experience, an improved navigation and some cool interaction and visual design elements. Check it out!
@ameetshah Thanks Ameet. We were looking at old screenshots of the product yesterday and wow - so much has changed. Lots of work went into this release to make the experience simple to understand and fun to use.
@ameetshah @bombayhustle Congrats Tarun and team! The new update looks great. What were you trying to optimize for in this redesign?
@ameetshah @robjama We had 3 objectives: 1. Make it easier for people to understand what Wattpad was all about, and a large part of that was a design exercise in wayfinding - it manifests itself through our new navigation experience. 2. Improve the discovery experience to highlight why stories were being recommended, and also surface content from your friends. This is an area we're continuing to experiment with in an effort to drive more reading, so expect more updates here. 3. Make Wattpad a little bit more fun to use. We achieved this with a lighter visual design language and some well placed interactions throughout. Littlebigdetails :) Thanks for asking. We're on standby here to answer any other questions from the PH community!
For a while, we (Liberio - http://liber.io) considered Wattpad a competitor and while that has changed as our product evolved, I have always and still admire how simple it is to create a story with Wattpad. Your product and team are one I and we have always looked toward and used as an example in the most positive light. I love what Wattpad has built over the years. Beautiful product filled with so many wonderful stories. Kudos to you all on this!
@imcatnoone WOW - thank you so much for the kind words, Cat! All the credit goes to the efforts of the entire Wattpad team, and our incredible community that continues to inform what we should be building next.
I will add - if there are any members of the PH community that are writers on Wattpad, please let me know - we'd love to help you build your audience! You can email me at tarun [at] wattpad.com.
Nice work with this, I like the lighter, minimal approach to the new design.