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When you set out to build Watsup, was there a specific problem you were trying to solve?
@_gordee : That was a great question. The engine behind Watsup effectively acts as an automated local news reporter around any location. Stories unfold on Watsup in real-time way before news agencies get to cover them. Watsup is all about easy and fast access to information by meaningfully organizing relevant posts and filtering a huge amount of noise. It's also worth mentioning that we currently ingest only about 20% of tweets and Instagram posts in a given region and we're adding more data sources in the coming month that significantly boosts our coverage. Let’s put it this way, why do you think people use the platforms like twitter? Is that all about “stories” or the “storytellers”? To me they follow more people to have access to more real-time stories. These social platforms are fastest ways to generate information but not the fastest ways to consume the information because of the noise ratio. Watsup gives the user this power to find stories in real-time without forcing them to sign up or follow more people. If you care about the story then you can find the storytellers. In addition, Watsup is only real-time platform which is fully automated and we don’t have army of editors to go over the stories and publish them every day. That’s how we can scale and add more regions to cover more areas. Our ultimate vision for Tilofy/ Watsup app is to create a search and discovery engine for any type of story happening in the real-world much like how google indexed the world of digital documents and made them easily accessible. By the way, I am co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Tilofy and I would be more than happy to answer you other questions about the technology and the product.
@_gordee We want to surface the best things happening around you in real time and do so through a visual and simple to use interface. Imagine having backstage access to a concert in LA or a fashion show in NYC right on your mobile device through the eyes of people that are there! It is worth mentioning that we currently support Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Las Vegas.
@al_mojtahedi that's really cool. I checked it out and it seems like an\ interesting product. Will be looking forward to it in a more concentrated area like DTLA and see what comes up. You mentioned you filter out about 80% of the content. How do you determine what is noise and what is signal since you are automating everything?
@_gordee you made my day :) Under the hood we have patent pending technology to determine what matters and what doesn't! All the way from Clustering, topic detection, sorting, neighborhood algorithm, compare pictures, text authentication and so on. As you can imagine handling the real-time data on the fly and capturing the context based on the time and location is not an easy job! Imagine Google wanted to index the whole web by hiring an army of editors. They could never scale and passed Yahoo directory a decade ago! I hope I gave you enough insight about the product and the technology. :)
Hi PH'ers! I am the Design Director/Product at Watsup. I am more than happy to answer any questions, to the best of my abilities :)
Folks, I'm the ceo of tilofy, the company behind watsup. Eagerly looking forward to everyone's feedback.