Next Generation Alarm

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Thanks @kikischirr and @techvoltz for hunting us here. Hi guys, The all new Watstime is next generation alarm. It offers many services : ❤ Self Alarm ❤ Choose any TIMEZONE ❤ Friends Alarm and Friends reminder ❤ Movies Reminder ❤ Fitness motivator ❤ many more coming in next releases You can opt to play as an Alarm or just as a Reminder as the situation demands. You can attach images, checklists, contacts and locations . Need to remind someone who is in a different timezone, Watstime will do the hard work for you. You can choose timezone and Watstime will play according to that timing. Highlights: ★ Worlds first social alarm and reminder ★ Self Alarm and Reminder ★ Contact Alarm and Reminder, Set alarm of friends and family ★ Easy to use Chat Interface. ★ Play as per any other Timezone ★ Attach Images, Contacts, ToDo list and give context to your Watstime ★ Custom Snooze : upto 24 hours ★ Set reminder for upcoming movies ★ Watstime Services, Fitness motivator reminder to boost your motivation
I'd like to thank Nikhil ( @TechVoltz ) for helping me test this Android-based messaging scheduler. He was impressed by the clean UI and gave it the final thumbs-up. :)
Bro App with a little more class? Also, is message scheduling still taboo on iOS? I suspect there are still use cases here to explore. Can the makers elaborate on the most popular use cases?
@ryanmac I tried explaining in my comment. Please check. Thanks!
Scheduling other's messages is fun when you can attach many useful things with it.. Pics, to-do lists. It's next level..