Watsi Gift Cards

Give the gift of health to those in need

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Thanks for sharing, Anuj! Product Hunters -- We just launched Watsi gift cards and would love your feedback. Try them out on people you love for the holidays and let us know what you think!
Talk about a win-win!
@gracegarey Gave my friend one for his birthday. He loved it--a gift that truly makes the recipient feel great. :)
@shriganeshram Amazing! Thanks so much, Shri!
I'm already a Watsi Universal Fund donor and I was really stoked to see that Segment was providing current donors with a $20 Watsi gift card when it landed in my inbox this morning. Thanks! Can't wait to send it to one of my family members.
@stttories You rock, thanks for supporting patients! Hope your fam love the gift cards :)