Keep tab and get reminded to drink more water!

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This is one one of the apps Jack Dorsey has in his homescreen Health apps folder 🕵️ https://twitter.com/jack/status/...
@nivo0o0 this is something super useful for my wife, she will appreciate this 😉
Waterminder is fantastic - I have been using it for months and it is perfect for quickly and easily tracking intake. Plus, it syncs with healthkit.
@manikrathee gotta second this. Very useful and always improving. I love it.
You don't need an app to remind you to drink water, that's what thirst is for.
Just started using this on Apple Watch, and I love it! Very easy to use.
Yes please. Going to try this, I suffer from migraines (cause unknown) so next test on my list is basic hydration. Now I need a pretty water bottle !