Easy way to watermark photos online

A simple and easy to use online photo watermarking tool. Create your own watermark using logos, stickers and templates.

  • Andrey Budarevskiy
    Andrey BudarevskiyProduct enthusiast

    Loads of handy tools to work with images


    not identified

    Really cool stuff

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  • Mehul Kumar
    Mehul KumarDigital Marketing Consultant.

    Ease to use


    Limited edit options.

    It is a great option available in the market for non-photoshop experts.

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Great job !! Can I use it on Wordpress? Any plugin available
Hi @ayush_chandra Thank you for trying it. Right now we don't have any plugins, chrome plugin is among the to-do list, we will add Wordpress to it. We are also in the process of implementing 'Export to Social Media' feature.
Really well done tool. Bookmarked for personal use
@extroid Thankyou for trying. Let us know if you have any suggestions or feature requests.
@prakis what a great tool - added to my curations and also will be sharing with the people who attend my digital comms workshops
@krishnade Thank you very much. Please let me know if you like to see any new features or have any suggestions. Thank you.
@prakis Absolutely - if I think of something I will let you know. BTW thanks for the message about my Facebook page - it may be that you can not access it as I don't have it visible for all countries in the world.
Hi PH, This is my 2nd product after @HDRainbow. Watermark.ink simplifies the task of watermarking multiple photos with its easy to use features. Some of the features: - Add text with different fonts and style the text with shadow effects, curved text etc. - Add your own Logo images. - Convert your Text and Logo into Your Templates for future use. - Designer Templates(Beta) will let you edit the text in preexisting templates, save them as your own Templates for future. - Resize & Crop your photos for your social media needs - Add photo filters like Brightness, Sharpen, Blur, etc Feel free to play with our web app and drop us any feedback or suggestions. Thank you, Watermark.ink Team