Staying hydrated never felt so good

Waterlytics is an app to track your daily hydration. Based on your body measurements, your age and your activity level Waterlytics calculates your personal daily goal. The app reminds you to stay hydrated & motivates you to reach your daily goal & earn awards.
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Hi All! We are happy to announce our brand new app Waterlytics! A little over a year ago, Yannick, Stefan and I had our first meeting to discuss the app. Our mission was crystal clear: We wanted to create the sexiest water tracking app with a seamless user experience very close to Apple's Activity app. Key Features: • Stunning animations and beautifully designed user interface • Your personal daily goal, calculated for your body measurements, age & activity level • Improve your daily goal with motion & fitness impact • Choose between light and dark mode. It’s all up to you. • Quickly add entries with customizable shortcuts and favorite beverages. • Choose between various types of beverages. • Analyze your drinking behavior and get detailed insights. • Collect awards by regularly reaching your drinking goal. • Get reminded regularly to create a permanent drinking habit. • Weekly reports to keep an overview of your goals • Automatically sync your entries with Apple Health and much more to come! Feel free to reach out with any questions! 😃 Staying hydrated never felt so good! 💧
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Excited to see the long tail of well polished health apps. Unbundling at its best.
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Congrats on the launch! Definitely sexier than what I currently use (WaterMinder). Unfortunately the only reason I won’t make the switch is the lack of Apple Watch support. Any plans to make that available? 😀
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@brettwill1025 Hey Brett, that's an awesome question! Adding an Apple Watch app is definitely at the top of our list and we plan to release it very soon 😉⌚️
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Great aesthetic in terms of the app icon and settings icons that have some depth to them. Really feels like a quality app that I'd love to use, but a £16.99/yr subscription model for a water tracking app just feels a bit steep to me, especially given all my data is stored in iCloud and is processed locally. Having a single one-time purchase to upgrade, or making the app paid would be preferable. Straight after filling in my health details on first launch, the next screen is a subscription trial screen with a very small low contrast X in the top right – this feels very much like a dark UX pattern. Some of the pushes to subscribe also seem very heavy-handed.
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@iamsebj Hi Seb! Thanks for your comment. You can use to app for free without purchasing the subscription, without any ads. The price of the yearly subscription is less than the price of drinking one beer per month (which is also similar or below several competitors). 🍻 We are sorry the pricing model is too steep for you and we are thankful about your feedback regarding the purchase screen!
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@mdaum I'm curious which competitors you compared to, and your thoughts on the value proposition of this app, which seems to lack features of other similar cheaper (and free) apps.. I've been using WaterMinder (#8 Health/Fitness – https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/wa...) up until now, which after a one-time £4.99 purchase has all the features of Waterlytics plus Siri Shortcuts, an Apple Watch app, and a widget on top. Apple previously featured both that app and "Water" (https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/wa...), who for £1.99 also have achievements, Siri Shortcuts and a watch app. Love the design and experience regardless, and the awards are neat shareable nudges that remind me of the Apple Watch Activity app rewards in a good way.
@iamsebj We invested a lot of time to be able to deliver this quality of the app. We know, we are not having to same feature set of some other competitors, but we have not stopped working on Waterlytics. We are already developing new features and you can be sure, Sire Shortcuts, Today Widget and Apple Watch app are all have high priority in our roadmap and we will add this features soon. In my opinion, this is why subscriptions exist. Developers constantly invest time and add new features, so it will not work to deliver this for free or with a small one-time purchase. Thank you for your feedback regarding the user experience and the design!
Tracking your daily hydration never looked so good! 😍 What is exactly the motion & fitness impact, and how does that work? @mdaum @sedler @yannicklu
@sedler @yannicklu @itspippolinski Hey, thanks for the question! When motion & fitness impact is turned on, we will detect new workouts and will add the additional hydration need automatically to your daily goal. We will also send out a push notification to remind you to drink more after sports! 💪
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@sedler @yannicklu @mdaum thank you for the quick reply and the insights 🙌😊