The 100% fresh, free-range, ethical browser

Waterfox is the web browser built for YOU. Focusing on user privacy, support for classic add-ons and doing some good in the world 🗺

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how is this different from Brave?
@kirill_tashilov it’s based on Firefox, not Chromium, and is simply FOSS created by an enthusiast—not funded by some sort of weird advertiser/publisher model.
@kirill_tashilov Waterfox has security holes. Brave has privacy holes. They're was a discussion on privacytools.io github about whether Brave does much of anything at all besides the usual tracking protection that's already built into browsers like Firefox.
It is Firefox but without the tracking and advertising
@r3djok3r1 and also an older version, v56 against v60 from FF stable
@sabarasaba it still has the classic add ons wokring normally , and it still gets updated with the lastest security releases
Great job!! 😊 Looks nice !! Will check it out
Will check it out