Water Garden

A self-cleaning fish tank that grows organic herbs on top!

This mini aquaponics system is a self-cleaning fish tank that grows organic herbs & microgreens on top! The fish waste fertilizes the plants & the plants clean the water - so fewer water changes required! It's perfect as a gift, family activity or classroom project to teach about DIY aquaponics & ecosystems!

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Do you ship to the UK?

Living fish such as Beta requires more than a tiny place to leave and be healthy.




Do not put living fish in it.

how about a smaller fish like the tetra?
We absolutely loved this product. Our beta fish was very happy and our cat was happy to have kitty grass to eat. We didn’t bring it to Japan with us but hope we can purchase it here.
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Great job!! Congratulations to the team !! Does this ship to India??

I have the original version of this, and I still love it. And my fish is still alive! I think it's been at least 4 years, so, by that metric, not too bad for betta fish.


Fun and educational


Haven't tried this version yet