Water Fall by KOR

A pour-over water filter w/glass carafes for daily hydration

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Hi Product Hunters! As the maker of Water Fall by KOR, it's an honor to talk about our design and development of this home hydration system. Water Fall is a "pour-over" water filter that let's you bottle your own pure, clean water in multiple glass carafes. Back in 2008, we reimagined the reusable water bottle with the release of the KOR ONE "hydration vessel". We were early pioneers in sustainable hydration, and since that time have developed a great line of KOR reusable and filtered bottles. Water Fall represents years at KOR thinking about home hydration. We didn't want to create just another filtered pitcher (there are enough of those). Instead, we designed a beautiful, counter-top stand that separates the filter from the carafes and uses simple gravity to let you bottle as much water as you want. Make your water cold, room temperature, infused with fruit. Both the carafe and reservoir are 1 liter (no guessing how much water to fill up top). Our filter is independently tested for 80 gallons (about 4 months) to NSF standard for chlorine and chloramines removal.
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@jericbarnes So excited for you. I have been lucky enough to watch you evolve this product since KOR ONE 8 years ago! Can you let us know what some of the design challenges were for Water Fall?
@narendra Great question...there were many! Traditional pitchers cram the reservoir and filter in the pitcher, taking up 1/2 the volume even after the water's been filtered. We were inspired by the process of pour-over coffee which separates the media (coffee) from the water and cup, but designing a "pour-over" for water created challenges for the filter and height/weight issues. For the filter, taking out chlorine/taste/odor is easy. What many of us don't realize is that water treatment centers are now adding ammonia to chlorine for tap water, creating something called "chloramines" that are tough to remove (now in roughly 35%+ of homes and growing). Most 'market leading' filtered pitchers which just use activated carbon won't filter chloramines so we went after it. Water Fall's filter removes chlorine and chloramines up to 80 gallons. For the stand, we designed an iconic form that mimics the obelisk halo from our bottles (Water Fall sits on your counter as a conversation piece). Most kitchen cabinets are 17-18" above the counter, so our stack-up of stand/filter/reservoir needed to come in at 16" and hold at least 1 liter of water.
If I get this water filter I may wanna drink tap water more than LaCroix
Hey, does this use the same filter as all the others, or is this need a new filter? Does the reservoir on the top hold the same amount of water as a carafe or more? Who is this targeted for? Thanks!
@kimchi4breakfst Hi Austin...Water Fall features a more premium grade filter that uses catalytic carbon with a patented "Aquabond" technology. Long and short is it's a finer grade that makes incredible tasting water. Both reservoir and carafe hold 1 liter so it's simple (no guessing how much to fill). Targeted towards sustainable, health-conscious consumers. The fact it sits on your counter is deliberate as we've found it reminds you to drink water.
I have had the KOR water fall for a while now and it definitely holds up. I tossed 2 other water purifiers (standard style, jug with filter build in) after using this for a while. The carafes are fantastic for regular water or for fruit/flavor infused. They're easy to use & clean. The stand is very tall, but I was able to store & use it in a tiny kitchen with little counter space. I highly recommend it.
@manikrathee Awesome to hear Waterfall working out so well for you. I also have a small kitchen and its the stand fits right in and acts as an enticement to drink up.
Hello, I was trying to understand where this fits in, is this a water filter to purify / clean the water or more of a flavor thing, a place to put infused fruit etc?
@einstein999 Water filter to create pure, great tasting water. By not having a filter permanently sitting in a pitcher, Water Fall allows you to use multiple carafes to bottle water (including infusing with fruit).
@einstein999 Jason, also worth nothing that Waterfall is designed around the idea of bottling your own filtered water. Unlike a pitcher-based system, the carafes can be removed from the filtration stand. This way you can fill multiple carafes and store them in the fridge for later use.