Water Cooler Trivia

Weekly office trivia quizzes for you and your co-workers 🎯

Customized trivia quizzes emailed to your office on Mondays. Sweet, sweet victory announced on Tuesdays. Spice up your week, spark conversations with colleagues, and introduce a little competition into the workspace!

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Hi! 👋 Collin here, Water Cooler Trivia 🧠 💦 maker (along with Nick and Ryan). I think personal touches rock. So here’s a quick story 📚about WCT’s creation. As an intimidated intern at my first “professional” job, I sent office-wide trivia quizzes via Google Form. I'd hosted pub trivia in college and loved that it brought together different groups. At work, it was a hit and introduced people across the office while making me feel like part of the team. The process repeated at my next job. I realized there’s something universal about trivia and the conversations it starts. Our team of three friends have spent ~6 months building a platform for customized weekly office trivia quizzes. It's a dead-simple culture-builder that introduces some weekly fun and competition to the workplace. We'll be here answering questions and responding to feedback all day! Cheers, Collin
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Congrats on the launch! Awesome work 👏
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@vincening Thanks Vince. If you ever have any feedback or want to see the style or difficulty of your group's trivia questions tweaked, let us know!
Why it called Water Cooler?
@abilhanssonn Water Cooler typically connotes an office workplace discussion to catch up on news and socialize!