The simplest water intake tracker and reminder 💧

#3 Product of the DayAugust 06, 2018

Water is a beautiful & easy to use app which keeps track of your water intake. Share your wake up and sleep time, daily goal and average drink size. Water will remind you at regular intervals to ensure you reach your daily hydration goal. Share your daily wins with friends and inspire a few more!

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Thanks for the hunt @amrith 🙌 It was fun building this app. We made the first version in 12 days and launched it on the App Store. Just focusing on the core use case. You can read more details about it here https://blog.nfnlabs.in/we-built... Today the app has the following features and more... - HealthKit Integration - Today Widget - Apple Watch Support - Unlock badges for your achievements and share with friends In July 2018, 'Water' was featured on the App Store 🎉 https://itunes.apple.com/in/stor...
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@amrith @sonaal Great app ! and a beautiful UI as well !
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Thanks @jkaayn 🙌
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Beautiful UI. Any chance of bringing this to Android?
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Thanks @jgjake - We are working on it :)
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good job !


water is important


no ---

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HI! This is a great project. However I wonder what makes you special, different from other apps reminding water intake?
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@astghik_azaryan i think all apps are special :) teams put a lot of effort into making them, we did too, in multiple phases. In fact we even have a lot of features lacking compared to a lot of other apps - but we are trying to make it special for us and our users with every iteration.
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Such a great app to keep track of your daily activities. Really helps in maintaining your health. Loved the Idea.
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Thanks @kristi_jencks - glad you like it